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Giba Gorge

Updates from Giba Gorge


To all our valued members of Giba Gorge, we would like to thank you for your continued support over the years. Without our members we would not have the most amazing riding venue in KZN! (Well we think so anyway).   We always try to keep our memberships as low as possible, and would like to let you know that we will be increasing our memberships for 2017 by only R5/month and gate fees by R10 for riders, runners, pensioners and children.  If you ride more than twice a month, have a look at how economical our membership is.  At only R75 a month for an adult you only need to come to the park twice a month and you will save.

New Membership Rates for 2017 will be:

Annual Adult Membership – R900 / year (R75/mth)

Annual Pensioner Membership – R480 / year (R40/mth)

Child Annual Membership – R480 / year (R40/mth)

Family Annual Membership – R900 per adult R360 per child  and  Debit Order – R75/adult R30/child


Gate Fees

Rider – R60

Non Rider – R10

Runner / Child / Pensioner – R30

From Next year your memberships will be available through ROAG

Parties will increase to R1100 in 2017