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Mountain Biking

We can write about our trails and paint a pretty picture, but the truth is, you simply need to experience what all the fuss is about!
With over 45km of trail, you will be amazed at the variety of routes and the varying skill levels we cater for. In a nutshell, this is single track heaven and once you’ve had a taste, you’ll undoubtedly keep coming back for more!

Download our interactive maps app and save the app on your phone. The maps show your actual location (as long as your location setting is on) and doesn’t require data or cell signal to work.


giba activities – waterfall

Waterfall two: Mackintosh Falls

Giba has hiking trails suitable for the beginner as well as the experienced hiker and everyone in between.

There is a scenic, relatively flat hike to our first waterfall with a total distance of 5km.
Looking to level up? Try our hike to the second waterfall, Mackintosh falls, which has a total distance of 8.5km.

Unfortunately the land beyond Mackintosh falls does not belong to Giba. It falls in the GGEP area but the land owner does not allow access.

We host guided hikes on  Wednesday  at 8.00am, so join us!

giba activities – fire lookout hut

The Fire Lookout Hut (peak one)

Still looking for more of a climb? Okay, okay, we get it, you are not an amateur hiker. The hike to the Fire lookout hut, a.k.a the famous White Hut on the hill, will definitely satiate your cravings for a challenge, and we assure you; the unrivalled views of the valley will prove to be the greatest reward. The total distance to and from the white lookout hut is 7km.

Adventure Park views


In addition to the hikes highlighted previously, there many other hiking trails through the beautiful Giba Valley and other neighboring properties which our hikers get to enjoy thanks to our neighbors.

This is excluding the third waterfall where the land owner does not allow access.

Educational Conservation Hikes

We offer conservation hikes to explore and learn about our Giba Ecosystem. These hikes are informative and especially suited to school groups. For more detail, check out our info sheet below.

Download our interactive map app and save the app on your phone. The maps show your actual location (as long as your location setting is on) and don’t require data or Cell signal to work.

Trail Running

Giba Gorge lady trail running

When it comes to trail running, few places can beat Giba. With over 45km of trails, you’d literally have to run for days until you have seen it all. And even then, with varied terrain that changes with the seasons, you’re not really likely to ever get bored. There are rivers to cross, rocky sections to climb, technical descents to master and the most beautiful scenery along the way!
Download our interactive map app and save the app on your phone. The maps show your actual location (as long as your location setting is on) and don’t require data or Cell signal to work.

Group Rides

Looking for a local riding group? You have come to the right place! Whether you are a beginner or a trail veteran, our group rides cater to all levels. Come join in on the fun, meet like minded people and get to know the trails like a real Giba local! 

Magic Mondays | 8.30AM | All Levels (Ladies only)
Wacky Wednesday | 8.30AM & 6PM | All Levels
Fun Enduro Friday | 8.30AM | Advanced


Join us every Sunday for your 3km, 5,3km or 5,8km fix! MyGibaRun, hosted every Sunday from 7am at the park, is the perfect event for everyone. Whether you are a trail beginner wanting to run the 3km or a challenge seeker looking to take on the 5.8km, we welcome you!

Every Sunday | 7am at Giba Graze | Free entry between 7am and 7.30am

See you there!

Dirt School

Giba Gorge women sitting on a hill taking a break from riding

Dirt School is passionate about getting more women on bikes and building confidence by teaching the correct fundamental skills of mountain biking. Dirt School fosters an environment in which their customers can meet like-minded people, make new friends, inspire others to reach their goals and most importantly have fun. As internationally accredited BICP Skills Instructor, Dirt School owners, Fiona Williams and Karen Fortune, host clinics and other events in order to share their knowledge about and passion for the sport.

Check out their website:

Contact Dirt School: | 079 508 7268


Giba Gorge BMX riding

The sport of BMX is an exciting cycling discipline that teaches exceptional bike handling skills and is a great introductory start for all aspiring cyclists who would like to take part in a safe and family-friendly environment. Come try BMX, ride for fun or competition, from age 4 and up, including adults of all ages. Get the kids outside, make new friends & have some fun!

The Giba BMX track is a purpose built BMX facility boasting a 5m & 8M start hill with combination Pro & Amateur tracks. Our 8m hill is out of commission at present while we source funding to upgrade and repair.

Giba offers unrivalled facilities with one of the best BMX tracks in the country.

All are welcome to join the club practice days.

Practice Days: Wednesday 4pm-7pm & Saturday 10am-12pm

Team Building

Giba Gorge team building on field

If you take out the team in teamwork, it’s just work, and no one wants that. Allow us to help, as we have just the remedy; teambuilding. Teambuilding at Giba Gorge, facilitated by members of our Giba staff, Senzo and Mvelo, entails various activities that will help bring you together as friends or colleagues. Contact us to put together an awesome Teambuilding event.


giba activities – birding

The valley in which Giba Gorge is situated is lucky enough to home remarkable birdlife. While exploring the park you can expect to see a Juvenile Crowned Eagle, Trumpeter Hornbills, Purple Herons, Yellow Billed Kite as well as various species of Kingfisher

Bike Hire

Cycling guide

Wanting to ride, but haven’t got a bike of your own? We have got you covered! The Shop at Giba hires out bikes that will be the perfect fit for riders of any level! Come down and have a chat with Sbusiso in the shop and he’ll make sure you have everything you need to have the best cycling adventure.

Contact Sbu: 079 616 4620


Adventure Academy

Giba Gorge man sitting on a rock with feet in the air overlooking landscape

Adventure Academy is a platform that brings adventure to the community through podcasts, events and sharing content. The Academy endeavours to create an environment where adventure lovers can come together, share stories, train together and learn from each other. Adventure Academy releases podcasts on a weekly basis to inspire and motivate people to get out and enjoy adventure, be it up mountains, down rivers or just trying new things. We have teamed up with Giba Gorge to showcase the adventure that can be found on our doorstep.

Follow @adventure_academy101 to stay up to date with news and events.

Contact Mike Hay: | 082 922 8099

Giba Gallery

Giba Gallery

The Giba Gallery is our most recent addition to the trail centre. A revival of the old Giba Gallery that closed 10 years ago; this beautiful retail space has added an element of elegance to the park. Inside the shop, you can expect to find everything from rustic interior decor items, to funky trail gadgets, to gifts; sourced both locally and from abroad. We look forward to being visited by old faithful customers alongside our new visitors. All in all, we are very excited and can’t wait to share our finds with you!

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There is often a lot happening at Giba Gorge. We host events that cater for the park’s runners, riders and hikers. From BMX championships, to our regular trail running night series, to enduro and downhill events, to training clinics, to guided hikes – we could go on. Be sure to keep up to date using our calendar so that you don’t miss out on the fun!

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