An Adventure Park: Giba Gorge Name Change

Adventure Park views

Why the name change, you may ask. Let us shed some light. Giba Gorge mountain bike park, a subsidiary of Giba Gorge Business Park, began as a few trails cut into the valley.  As things do, it evolved and became the glorious 42km of trails that traverses a large part of the valley. The park has always been a sanctuary that caters for a range of different activities. For a long time, however, the park was most popular in the cycling community. 

More than only a Mountain Biking Park, Giba became an Adventure Park 

Cue lockdown 2020. The people of South Africa found themselves cooped up inside for over a month, and it dawned on them just how much we used to take the outdoors for granted. Gyms closed for months after lockdown and people had to look to other solutions to maintain their active lifestyles. The pandemic also, for obvious reasons, gave way to an increased desire to be out in the open, rather than indoors where a contagious virus could run rogue. 

Our Customers Embraced the Idea of all Adventures in the Adventure Park

As a result, the months that immediately followed the hard lockdown were our busiest months since the park opened. But not only with cyclists. We had customers wanting to run, walk, hike and all in all, have an adventure. We saw people of all ages, beginners, intermediates and athletes. 

A Name Change was needed, that Included all Adventures in the Park

It took a couple of months of numerous inquiries about what one could actually do in the park, before the Giba team faced the facts. The former name; Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park, was misleadingly exclusive and needed to be revised. 

Activities on offer at Giba Gorge Adventure Park 

Giba Gorge offers a number of activities such as guided hikes, team building, trail running events, cycling events, conferences, and so much more. It would therefore be fitting to have a name that reflects the fact that we cater for all adventurers. Hence, we are proud to introduce Giba Gorge Adventure Park.

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