An Insider’s Perspective: Our Best Hikes

giba activities – fire lookout hut

Hiking at Giba Gorge has become our most popular adventure amongst our customers. With the waterfalls and beautiful views of the valley that you’ll find along our hiking trails, we are not surprised. Whether you’re easing into things with our hike to the first waterfall or summiting the highest peak in the park, there is a trail for every type of hiker! We have summed up our favourite hikes so that newcomers at the park can get straight to the good stuff!

Mackintosh Falls

At the top of our list has to be the hike to Mackintosh Falls. Whether you climb up the cascades to get there, or try our newest trail, Skeleton Trail, the Falls are a reward destination. Our cascades are studded with ropes and ladders, making this route more suited to those looking for a challenge. The view from the top, however, is worth the climb to say the least. The Skeleton Trail is our latest addition to the park, and it is an adventure best suited to the curious hikers! The trail got its name after a decomposed body was found while the path was being cut. With a back story and some character, this trail has added great value to our trail portfolio. The Skeleton trail has made it possible to circle past the Mackintosh Falls, rather than hiking to it and then following the same path back. Insider’s hack: for the best of both worlds, hike up the cascades to get to the Falls, and then head home via the Skeleton Trail. The hike to Mackintosh Falls and back is about 8km to 10km. 

The White Hut Summit

Our second favourite hike in the park is the hike to the highest peak, the White Lookout Hut. Located on top of the left hand hill, the view from the top is spectacular. The path goes past our first waterfall, and up the cascades. This means you can experience some of the best part of the park on this hike. The elevation of this hike is crazy, and we’d advise a moderate level of fitness for this hike. The hike is around 7.5km. Although the adventure to the Hut is one of our shorter hikes, it is by no means an easy one. But as always; the tougher the climb, the better the view. 

The Conservancy Hike

And last, but certainly not least, our Conservancy Hike. The path it follows covers most of the park, and includes climbing, waterfalls as well as the Giba Gorge Environmental Precinct. The landowners of the Environmental Precinct have been kind enough to allow us to incorporate their trails into our hiking trail portfolio, and we are very grateful. There are multiple ways to get to the precinct trails, and you can enquire about these at the restaurant. An option we would recommend passes the both waterfalls, goes up the cascades, out of the valley behind the second waterfall, and you end up coming into the Environmental Precinct from the top. This hike will be about 13km, with 450m elevation. 

Guided Hikes

We do guided hikes on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, accommodating everyone. So if you are interested in hiking at Giba Gorge and do not know where to start, come join us! If you are looking to do your own thing, be sure to download our maps (linked). Feel free to ask anyone from our friendly team for directions.

As you can see, we have plenty to offer when it comes to hiking! Whether you are looking for an tranquil stroll, or to push yourself to the limits with a big climb, we have got something for everyone. See you on the trails!

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