Dirt School: Fundamental Mountain Bike Skills

The foundation to a great mountain biking journey! This skills clinic is for all levels of riders who wish to learn or refresh the CORE FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS of Mountain Biking, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been riding for or what your previous experience is, newcomer or more advanced. You will master the understanding and use of the fundamental movements on your mountain bike, giving you a solid foundation, building your confidence and making you comfortable on your bike.

Fundamentals does not mean ‘easy’ or ‘beginner’. Although these clinics are great starting place for beginners, they cover critical foundational skills for riders of all levels and experience. No matter how long you have been riding, you’ll have a new understanding of body positioning, how to use your brakes for better control, how to achieve maximum traction, staying smooth over roots and rocks and the foundation to progress to more advanced skills. This clinic will give you a completely different outlook on your riding!

We cover the Core Fundamentals which may include:

  • Bike check – we’ll make sure your bike is set up properly
  • Body position for smoother riding – understanding the physics behind riding a mountain bike, speed, traction and centre of balance. Position for climbing, descending, rocks, roots, rollers and small drops
  • Bike Body Separation – how correct balance, posture and movement can rapidly improve your riding helping you ride consistently over anything you encounter.
  • Cornering foundations – where to look
  • Safe and effective braking
  • Getting on and off your bike correctly, yes this is a skill!
  • Shifting (for pedaling efficiency and cadence)
  • Line choice (riding straight narrow lines & single-track trails)



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