World Class MTB Trails

We can write about our trails and paint a pretty picture, but the truth is, you simply need to experience what all the fuss is all about. With over 30km of main trails, linked up with another 10km of alternative routes, you will be astounded by the variety of ways you can approach these trails. In a nutshell this is single track heaven and once ridden will keep you coming back again and again!

 BMX Challange & SX Track

The magnet to many a kid, big and old is the world class combo BMX track at Giba Gorge. Designed and built by Tom Ritzenhaler of Elite Trax Inc, and home to the KZN BMX Academy, this track offers riders both the standard BMX track with a 5.5m start hill as well as a UCI standard 8.5m high supercross start hill with parallel straights for both hills. Made to UCI Racing Standards this incredible track has put a smile on many faces. If you want to get the blood flowing, then give this a go!

 Hot Showers

Yes hot showers, no getting into the car smelling like you’ve been working in the sun for 2 days. This means that now you can come and ride in the mornings before work; on your lunch break and shower straight after your ride then off to work. Mountain biking has not been easier.

Safety & Security

Safety is key and something we take very seriously at Giba. We have gone to extra lengths to make sure you are as safe as possible. We have trained first aiders to look after your cuts and bruises as well as an established relationship with Rescue Care and SACAN for emergencies. We have our own park guards / rangers, made up from members of the local community, keeping a watchful eye on all the going-ons, in the car park, on the trails and at the entrance to Giba.

Trail Centre

Your 1st port of call! Here Jethro, Senzo or one of our friendly staff will welcome you in and offer up advice on your next steps (or pedal). All trails start here as well as being centrally located to the Giba Restaurant.



Giba Team Building

Thinking of organising a fun team building for your company but don’t want to travel too far outside of Durban? Giba offers up professional corporate team building and school camps. To see all what they have to offer please click here.