Freedom Day Trail Run

Event Name: Freedom Day Trail Run 🌲🏃‍♂️
Date: Saturday,April 27th, 2024
Time: 07:30am
Location: Giba Parking Lot

🏃‍♂️🌿 Lace up your trail shoes and slap on a smile for a frolic through the forests of Giba Gorge! We’re throwing a social trail run to celebrate Freedom Day, and you’re invited to join the fun. It’s happening on 27 April, bright and early at 07:30. No timers, no pressure – just pure, unadulterated joy and maybe a little mud. 🌳🎉

We’ll start with the sun on our backs, charging up the cascades at Giba, where the water is as free-flowing as our spirits. It’s a climb, sure, but what’s a little uphill among friends? Plus, the views are worth every panting breath – we promise! 🏞️😅

From there, we’ll dance down Shaymoya, following rivers and weaving through whispering forests. It’s less of a run and more of an adventure, with the earth under our feet and the canopy above our heads. You’ll want to high-five every tree and stream along the way. 🌲👋

Finish off this fun, happy day back at Giba Gorge, where we started. It’s not just about the running; it’s about celebrating freedom, nature, and community. And maybe, just maybe, there’ll be some post-run snacks and chit-chat to fuel both body and soul. 🍉🤗

So, come as you are, bring your friends, your dog, or just your fabulous self. It’s going to be a day filled with laughs, trails, and good vibes. Freedom Day at Giba Gorge – where every step is a celebration. See you there, trail stars! 🌟🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

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