Giba Gallery: Some Things Go Full Circle

Giba Gallery

Back in the Day

More than 10 years ago, Giba Gallery was a much enjoyed retail space within Giba Gorge Adventure Park. Based in the trail centre, it was a beautifully curated space with artefacts sourced from all over Africa.

It grew to include a range of beautiful items from even further afield as and when owner and founder, Jo Harburn could source them.

Owing to the general busyness of life, family pressures and other business interests, Jo closed the gallery about eight years ago.

Why We Are Bringing Back Giba Gallery

Covid has given Giba Gorge Adventure Park a whole new lease on life. Being outdoors has become forefront in everyone’s minds. Riders, hikers, adventurers, pensioners, kids, grandparents, couples, you name it, everyone wants to enjoy the beauty of the Giba Valley. 

We started our post Covid journey in 2019 with a new coffee machine and a barista from Lineage. Lineage trained  a few of our existing staff to make great coffee and  today, our coffee is something we are very proud of. This led to the reopening of the restaurant. A chef and a whole new kitchen staff was employed. This space has gone from strength to strength and as a result, most weekends we see regulars, locals and new visitors enjoying the delicious offerings of Giba Graze.

The April 2022 floods added another dimension to an already busy Adventure Park with a complete nature reset. So even regulars were feeling like new visitors! All of this change creates a buzz and a certain amount of energy and Jo felt inclined to weigh in.

The result is that Giba Gallery will be re-opening at the beginning of September in its old space. We have painted the space and sourced some exciting merchandise for the enjoyment and delight of our visitors.

We will continue to source as much locally as we can but will also have offerings from abroad as we used to do. Beautiful things know no bounds!

We look forward to being visited by old faithful customers alongside our new visitors. All in all, we are very excited and can’t wait to share our finds with you!

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