Giba Gorge Stig Trail Running Challenge

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Calling All Athletes: Are You the Fastest in Giba Gorge Community!

On November 25th, it’s time for the ultimate test of speed and endurance in the stunning Giba Gorge! This is your chance to prove your mettle in the Giba Gorge Stig Trail Running Challenge. The challenge is simple: can you beat the fastest human in the Giba community to Macintosh Falls and back? Any route is allowed; you just need GPS or camera proof that you made it to the falls and back.

Event Details:

– Date: November 25th

– Location: Giba Gorge

– Registration: Head over to the Coffee Shop to register and get ready for the challenge.

The Stig Challenge: Can You Beat the Best?

The Giba Gorge Stig is known far and wide for their trail running prowess. This is your opportunity to take on the current record holder and prove that you have what it takes to be the fastest in the community. Do you have what it takes to conquer the rugged terrain and the breathtaking Macintosh Falls?

How to Participate:

1. Register: Visit the Coffee Shop and sign up for the challenge.

2. Choose Your Route: You can take any route you prefer, as long as you can prove you’ve made it to Macintosh Falls and back. GPS tracking or camera evidence will suffice.

3. Run: Challenge yourself to a trail run like no other. The beauty of Giba Gorge awaits as you push your limits.

4. Finish Line: Return to the Coffee Shop with your proof and celebrate your accomplishment.

Recognition and Prizes:

– All runners who complete the challenge and make it to Macintosh Falls and back will have their names immortalized on the Stig Challenge board at Giba Gorge.

– There will also be lucky draw prizes for participants, so everyone has a chance to win something exciting!

Join the Giba Gorge Stig Trail Running Challenge and test your limits. Are you the fastest in the community? This is your chance to find out. Lace up your running shoes, gather your GPS or camera, and register at the Coffee Shop on November 25th.

For more information and updates, follow us on Instagram. Get ready for an exhilarating day of trail running and friendly competition in the picturesque Giba Gorge!

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