Over the last 8 years years Giba has focused heavily on its trail network and infrastructure as well as the facilities that appeal to the broader market of clientele. This year, with the establishment of the first permanent BMX Supercross combo track in Africa and one of only twelve in the world, we reached a point where the facilities, infrastructure and trail network are now fully in place. While the park offers up roughly 40km of 100% hand cut single track trails, it is a case of quality over quantity!

It is through our direct contact with families and sports people alike that we believe we have an excellent platform on which to expand our business and maximise exposure of our brand by being leaders in one of the fastest growing sports in South Africa. As with all great businesses, their success and growth is much faster and sustained when supported and partnered with like minded businesses.

We are working hard to attain a title naming rights sponsor for the park; this is one of our highest priorities at the moment. Finding the right partner which reflects our ethos and vision will enable us to ensure the park not only stays a major attraction in KZN and South Africa, but will entice international visitors as well.

We are looking to form partnerships with companies and brands that share our vision and passion, and see value in supporting a young, dynamic but rapidly expanding business, such as Giba Gorge MTB Park through brand association.

With 50% of our clientele being riders and trail runners, our other 50% is made up of visitors who come just to lounge around and enjoy the day in the cafe or on the lawn. Due to the nature of the sport, our members and day visitors are very high LSM and are often key players or decision makers in their companies. It is for this reason that branding at Giba, or aligning your brand with the Giba brand can do wanders for your company.

It is important to know the people behind any venture, to know what their goals are, their ethics, and vision. If you see strong similarity between those characteristics and that of your company or brand, then you should consider seeing what kind of symbiotic relationship can be formed.
Giba Gorge MTB Park has become a premier tourism & sporting hub in KZN and South Africa, and we would love to have you share the journey with us.

Currently on offer is

  • Title Sponsor for Giba
  • Corporate Social Investment – Community Development Programs
  • Park Branding
  • and many more..

Should you wish to discuss any marketing or branding platform at Giba or alongside the Giba brand, please do get in touch!

Marketing Manager: Fiona Williams