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Updates from Giba Gorge


The Kloof and Highway SPCA are busy gearing up for our 2018 Dog Box fundraiser. Twenty-four people will be locked in our twenty-four socialisation run kennels for twenty-four hours from 12 noon on Friday 25 May until 12 noon on Saturday 26 May 2018 in an effort to raise funds. This is our fourth year hosting the Dog Box fundraiser and it has to be one of the most sociable and fun events of the year for our SPCA. We would like to invite our community to come along and join in on this exciting event by visiting the participants in their kennels, donating funds towards their ‘bail’ money and being a special part of our 2018 Dog Box. The funds raised will be used in the Kloof and Highway SPCA’s ongoing fight against the prevention of cruelty to all animals. Our Moonlight Market will also be taken place on the Friday night from 5pm-8pm where you can join us for an evening of treasure hunting where all eleven of our charity shops will be open and there will be many bargains on sale. There will also be live singing in the tea garden as well as refreshments on sale. On Saturday morning our usual market will also be open from 8am-12noon. For more information contact Liz on 0317641212/3 or email [email protected]