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Land Clearing

To our valued customers:
We have had some concerned members asking about the land being cleared on Easy Blue and Cat Trail.

There is the new landowner of this area / farm. He has some great ideas & wants to work with us in clearing the alien vegetation. From our experience, this is a slow labour intensive process, but unfortunately a more aggressive approach was taken.
Wilbur (our Giba Conservancy Manager) has always advised us that the aliens come back stronger when you do a bulk clear with a machine. However, we will continue to try & work with him.

It is looking terrible at the moment but we are hoping the long term vision will work in the end. The owner has promised to start planting indigenous bush in the areas he has cleared asap. We will continue to try & keep the affected trails open with minimum disruption & inconvenience to our riders.

It is a difficult call. Unfortunately the land doesn’t belong to us & while we have been fortunate in the past, we will continue to try & work with our adjacent land owners. Ronnie & his team are monitoring the situation very closely & repairing damaged trails as they happen.

Please be patient & bear with us while we go through this process. We do sincerely

We have learnt over the past 11 years that nothing is easy but we can assure you that Giba Gorge is here to stay & we will continue providing awesome trails for the MTB community!

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to come back to any of us?