Giba Graze: Our Restaurant at Giba Gorge Adventure Park

Giba Graze burger

Giba Graze is our restaurant at the trail centre, and we have found that it does wonders to refuel you after your adventure out on the trails. So much so that we have found a new category of people coming to the park, who we refer to as trail foodies. But foodie or not, you’ll definitely find something at the restaurant to appease those post-exercise cravings. 

Opening Giba Graze, the Restaurant 

The COVID 19 pandemic we encountered in early 2020 saw a lot of changes at Giba, namely the closure of our resident restaurant, Stockville Kitchen by Afros. As the initial lockdown ended, we saw an influx of people looking for outdoor venues to exercise and spend their free time and our numbers began to soar. With the growing foot traffic through the park, we realized we would need to feed you guys! A market atmosphere was born, where we offered a space to a few food and coffee vendors on the weekends to fill the gap, and fill your tummies. This was only in the interim, however, as we began to recognize a growing need for a permanent solution.

But first, Coffee 

August 2020 brought with it a collaboration between Giba Gorge and Lineage coffee, who we wholly credit with the beginning of our coffee as without the help and guidance of the established coffee brand, Giba would not yield the same iconic cuppa it does today. Later we would be gifted with Khulufelo Makgati, our very own “King” of coffee. As a coffee culture emerged at Giba, a few of our staff members took an interest in the art and trained, with Lineage, to become baristas. And they are damn good at it. 


At this point, in terms of a kitchen, you could say we were at the stages of very humble beginnings. With limited prior knowledge of running a restaurant, we fumbled along with basic (but still delicious) menu items such as toasted sandwiches and chicken strips. Only January 2021 did we, very eagerly, welcome our first chef to guide and train our kitchen team to make our hearty, delectable dishes. Cue the eggs benedict

This restaurant thing is tough, but our team is tougher.

Our Giba Graze team work tirelessly to deliver on the standard of excellence that we promise at Giba, and we could not be more grateful for each and every one of them. We are proud to be able to welcome you into our establishment, Giba Graze.

Giba Graze burger

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