The Life of a Giba Member

Morning adventure

So, picture this; your alarms just gone off, its 5.30am and your coffee is brewing. Your cleats are lying next to your bed, begging you to go for a ride before work and you realize that you can, because you joined Giba Gorge as a member and that means 24hr access to the park. You also realize that you’ll get 20% off your post adventure breakfast. It’s the perfect morning, life is good. 

Being a member at Giba Gorge means many things. It means that you are allowed to use the trails at any time that suits your schedule, even outside of the usual trading hours. It also means that you will receive 20% off everything at Giba Graze. Most importantly however, being a member at Giba means joining a community of likeminded people, who are helping to keep our beautiful back yard in business. Memberships truly make more of a difference than one would think. Not to mention, with the reasonable price of the membership, it is more worth your while to take out a membership if you come to the park once or twice a month than it is to pay as you enter. Have a look at our pricelist to see our individual and family packages available. 

Our members at Giba Gorge are our bread and butter. They are the steady flow of people that keeps Giba in operation, and for them we are eternally grateful. We have designed our membership to improve the experiences of our regular customers. Members contribute immensely to keeping the park sustainable.

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